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I am crafting tools, that helps to solve people's problems.

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What is requirement management

In this article, I will try to go through the importance of requirements management in software engineering projects

Why you should go serverless if you are a startup?

Let's discuss about pros and cons for choosing to build your bussiness systems using a Serverless architecture provided by the major Cloud Platforms

Create an alternative for Fetch API on top of XMLHttpRequest

Let's build a HTTP client library, similar to Fetch API function, on top of XMLHttpRequest

About me

I am using software engineering to create tools, that eventually helps people solving their problems.

During this amazing journey, I put my hands on different programming languages, like JavaScript, Ruby and Golang, simply because I believe that there is no perfect tool to solve every problem; instead there are fundamental principles for designing and building software that can not be neglected.

That is why, I invest a very decent amount of time on learning more about technologies that I've already mastered, to discover other new technologies, like AWS Native technologies and Python stack, that could potentially bring even more value for the next products that I will build, and to share my knowledge and look for the feedback (that is the best way to learn that I know).

Please consider to write me a line using the form down below, and I would happily respond you back!

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