Hello! I am Cristian

Passionate about Go programming, software engineering and problem solving.

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Why you should go serverless if you are a startup?

Let's discuss about pros and cons for choosing to build your bussiness systems using a Serverless architecture provided by the major Cloud Platforms

Create an alternative for Fetch API on top of XMLHttpRequest

Let's build a HTTP client library, similar to Fetch API function, on top of XMLHttpRequest

Using Go Cond struct

Take a look on an simple way to synchronize a custom made buffered structure, using Cond struct from Go standard library

About me

Passionate about Go programming, software engineering and problem solving.

I believe in building products that will connect people, and make their life easier, through the technology. A part of it is sharing knowledge, but most important building tools that are making an impact.

As software engineer, I also believe that technologies can be learnt. That is why, I invest a very decent amount of time on having deeper understanding about technologies that I've already mastered, like Go programming, JavaScript, and Cloud computing, but also to discover other new technologies, like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Microservices;

Please consider to write me a line using the form down below, and I would happily respond you back!

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